Auberge de Thorrenc

Guest rooms B&B in Ardèche

The rooms

The rooms’ names and decor evoke local stories of the small paradise that constitutes Thorrenc, the village in Ardeche, where is the b&b.

- "Les Vignettes" refers to the nearby hills, some terraced a thousand years ago, where we harvest grapes of the blissful Saint Joseph.
- "Le Bois de l’Ane" recalls the conifers and hardwood mixed forest which was not accessible to all horses but perhaps to a hardy donkey.
- "Le Jardin d’Alberta" honours the cascading, yet planned, jungles that adorn the stone houses across the river.
- "Le Suc de Camard" is a local name for something no local can now remember, but its name is remembered nonetheless.

Well... That’s very Thorrenc!

Open your window and you will see the real Jardin d’Alberta. Or, the gorge that the little stream has cut out of the mountain over millions of years of hard work. And sometimes you’ll see a peacock strut by in its finery.
Certainly, the tempting smells emminating from the eminent restaurant that adjoins the hotel will beckon you from your room.

And so to the Auberge’s own restaurant, where you can taste cuisine like no other. Something was once said of the Auberge, which we will print with embarrassment. People travel from many lands to enjoy the cuisine of France. The French themselves travel to Lyon, for its famous cuisine.

And, where do the people of Lyon go? You have guessed it – to the Auberge of Thorrenc of course! The number plates of gastronomes from Lyon and foreign lands line the little road of this hamlet of just 16 people.

PRICES: 65 to 110 € depending on the room and the number of people.

The rooms are all equipped with wireless Internet access, refrigerator, microwave, coffee and teas available.

Size : 25 to 35 m2.

Four stone steps to reach this double room, located on the ground floor. Bright colors, wood and stones adorn this pleasant room overlooking the (...)

Light colors for walls and decoration of this triple room, upstairs. The view overlooking the small river that runs through the village: The (...)

The castle overlooking Thorrenc rooms deserved dedication in one. This is the most spacious (4 people). The mezzanine bedroom is cozy, (...)

The view overlooking the small river that runs through the village: The Thorrençon. The bathroom, spacious, decorated with a frieze artisanal (...)

Old furniture and rural farms apparent enough to the frame decoration. The view from the window overlooks the Alberta’s garden which is beautiful (...)